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Dementia is a slow ,progressive decline in mental function in which memory , thinking, judgment and the ability to learn are impaired.


1.Most comman cause is Alzheimers disease

  1. Destruction of brain tissue by strokes,which results in vascular dementia
  2. Less common cause include parkinsons diseases,infections such as AIDS,normal pressure hydrocephalus and drug or alcohol abuse.
  3. May also result from brain damage due to head injury or from a cardiac arrest, or after a radiation therapy for a cancer.


In people with dementia , mental function typically deteriorates over a period of 2 to 10 years.

In people with vascular dementia, symptoms tends to worsen in steps, worsening suddenly with each stroke, with some improvement in between

In people with Alzheimers disease the symptoms tends to worsen more steadily

Peoples with dementia typically have problems finding and using the right words and have difficulty with abstract thinking .Mood swings and change in personality are common. They are unable to follow conversation and they also become unable to speak.


The smritibramsa is a disease of the mind developed due to provoked vata.

Hina satwa ,Rajas predominanat prakrti and the person whose mind is weakened by all stressful conditons are more prone to develop smritibramsa.

Regular consumption of diet dominant in tamas and rajas gunas increase the tama and rajo dosas in the mind.


Ayurvedic treatments include oral medications and external therapies like siropichu, sirovasthi,thalam, nasya,rasayanas etc depending on the conditions.