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Gout and Ayurveda

Gout and Ayurveda



Gout is a complex of disorders in which crystals of monosodium urate monohydrate derived from hyper uricaemic body fluids give rise to

Inflammatory arthritis (swollen and inflamed joints)

Tenosynovitis ( swelling of muscle tendon and its sheath)

Bursitis (swelling in space of joints)

Urolithiasis(kidney stones)

Gout affects mainly small joints. It is associated with high blood level of uric acid. More common in male than women. First metatarso phalangeal joint of big toe is commonly affected. Ankle, knees are also affected


High blood level uric acid - more than 7mg/dl depends upon balance between purine synthesis and uric acid elimination through kidney and intestine.

High protein diet like meat, organ meat , beer ,alcoholic beverages, sardines, legumes (dried peas beans),cauliflower, mushroom, spinach etc

Drugs like diuretics and aspirins etc


Sudden onset.  Severe pain often at night. The affected joint looks red , hot, swollen with severe pain.

Sometimes crystals get accumulated in joints forming tophi (seen commonly at Achilles tendon and around elbows).

Types according to onset

Acute gout

It happens repeatedly due to sudden rise in uric acid following alcohol, diet and diuretic drugs.

It may also provoked by trauma, unusual physical exercise

Chronic gout

Recurrent gout attack leads to chronic. This leads to erosion of cartilages and bones causing severe joint deformity.

Ayurvedic management

Internal remedies

Some choices of medications include :

Kokilaksha kashayam , Amritottara kashayam , Guduchyadi kashayam ,Rasnaerandadi kashayam

Hareetaki churnam with gudam in Guduchyadi kashayam

Saddharana tablet or Kaishora guggulu

Guggulu tiktaka ghrutam

The medicines may vary according to patient condition and strictly to be taken based on ayurvedic physician prescription.

External therapy

Choices of external therapies include :

Abhyangam with Pinda thailam or Madhuyastyadi or Mahanarayana thailam or Kottam chukkadi thailam

Lepanam with Jadamayadi choornam

Dashamoola ksheera dhara

Virechanam is best panchakarama in gout.

Food to avoid

Black gram (urad dal), Kulatha, Radish, Alcohol, Sugarcane , Curd

High purine rich food like meat, legumes, beer, sardines , tuna, mushroom etc

Food to include

Low purine diet like rice, eggs(limited intake)

Nuts and fat free cheese, milk

Bread and cereals: low fiber, white flour or refined grain, pasta and macaroni

Plums and dark berries

Green gram,Wheat, buffalo milk, amla, bittergourd, raisins, ash gourd.