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علاج الكيزى


Get relief from all types of joint pain with Elakizhi Massage in Dubai, Ajman

Herbal compresses are prepared with various medicinal herbs and powders. The whole body is massaged with these compresses after being warmed with medicinal oil.

Effective in the following conditions:
* Neurological disorders
* Arthritis
* Myalgia
- chronic neck, back and sciatica pain
* Spondylosis / lumbar spondylitis / cervical spondylitis
* Sprains and spasms
* Neuropathic pain
* Sports injuries
* Post-traumatic stress disorder

Elakizhi treatment benefits

*Improves blood circulation
*Improves skin complexion
*Increased muscle tone
*Relieves body aches and stiffness
*It is anti-aging and rejuvenating

Heal your body with Kottakkal Ayurveda Elakizhi Therapy, here, natural oil massage therapy is done by trained masseuses for both men and women. Home services are available at an additional cost. Our Ayurvedic Center is located in Deira, Satwa, Dubai and Al Nakhl 1, Ajman.

Highlights of Kottakkal Ayurveda

Highly experienced doctors and therapists.
Providing the best traditional Ayurvedic treatments for the past 25 years,
dedicated and experienced staff,
ensures you a healthy life in the future.

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