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Child Care

Child Care

Kottakkal Ayurvedic Treatment Centre offers authentic Ayurvedic Treatment/Massage/Medicine for Childs & Teenage related issues in Dubai, Ajman, UAE.

Children are our future. They are the ones who will continue our legacy into the futurity. So it is important to see the current generation of children remain holistically healthier. Our children are nowadays assailed by a number of health problems such as hyperactivity, mental stress, allergies, childhood obesity, laziness, fatigue, decreased immunity power, less memory power, refractive errors/vision problem, development disorders like delayed walking, abnormal limbs, autism, anxiety, exam-phobia, and even nervous debility. Our special package for children is focused to tone the muscles of children, increase the complexion, refresh and relax body and mind, improve circulation to body parts, increase memory power, etc. Our special treatment for Children includes;

  • General body massage with special herbal oil.
  • Oil bath (Sarvangataila Dhara/Dhara)
  • Shashitika Pinda Swedam — Massage with cloth bags containing medicated rice dipped in hot milk& herbal decoction.
  • Kashaya Dhara – Continuous stream of mildly warm medicated liquids to the body parts.
  • Herbal Bandage — Special.
  • Sirolepam — Application of medicated paste on the head.
  • Siropichu — Soaking medicated oils over the head.
  • Physiotherapy.

Note: Treatment can be added or omitted as per the condition of the patient.

Providing quality Ayurvedic treatments for Child & Teenage related issues with a holistic approach. Consult Now!

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  • Providing the best traditional ayurvedic treatments for the past 25 years
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  • Assures you a healthy life ahead

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