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Special Package for Paralyzed Patient

Stroke is a medical emergency which requires prompt and aggressive Manline Treatment with positive follow-up and after care to prevent permanent damage & disability. As per the research Stroke is the 3rd leading cause of death and a leading cause of serious long term disability. Our special rehabilitation program caters to the entire needs of an ailing body. Our rejuvenation therapies improve blood circulation and tone up the weak muscles. With the help of physical therapy and rehabilitation they can be brought back to normal life and in extreme cases, the quality of life can be improved. Kottakkal's Special Package for paralyzed are actually mostly rehabilitation which helps the person to adopt to the compromised life and to become independent as possible.

  • Uthkarshanam — Whole Body Massage with Herbal Powder & Scrub.
  • Snehanam - Hot Medicated Oil Body Massage.
  • Choorna Pinda Swedam — Massage with cloth bags containing herbal powder dipped in hot oil / without oil.
  • Patrapotala Swedam — Massage with cloth bags containing herbal leaf dipped in hot oil.
  • Ksheera Dhara - Herbal Decoction Bath
  • Nasyam (Errhine Therapy) — Nasal Instillation of medicine.
  • Sarvanga Taila Dhara —A steady stream of warm herbal Oil all over the body (Bath).
  • Shashitika Pinda Swedam — Massage with cloth bags containing medicated rice dipped in hot milk& herbal decoction.
  • Dhanyamla Dhara — Continual stream of medicated water in body in a rhythmic way.
  • Sirovasti — Holding medicated oil on head with support of cap for a prescribed period.
  • Sirodhara — Continuous flow of medicated oil to the centre of forehead.
  • Tharpanam — Holding medicated ghee over eyes.
  • Physiotherapy (Rehabilitation)

Note: Treatment can be added or omitted as per condition of patient.